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Vi vokser og trenger flere folk! Ta kontakt om du er interessert i stillingene! CTO eller Forretningsutvikler.
During this year we have participated in Statnetts Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR) market with our customers using Enfos state of the art technology. Together with our customers we have contributed with 8 MW in FFR this year, and Statnett compensated about 200.000 NOK/MW throughout the summer.
On 2 June 2021 we held a webinar focusing on flexibility. We go six very interesting presentations from different players in the flexibility domain, Idun Real Estate, Pixii, Glitre Energitjenester, Entelios, NVE and, of course, Enfo.
We are happy to anounce that we oficially have agreed upon a partnership with Pixii AS. Pixii is a company that design, manufacture and market smart energy storage solutions that contributes to clean, cost-effective and reliable electricity. By combining the energy storage systems with flextools™, it is even easier for our aggregators to offer more flexibility to the market. This is beneficial for both the grid and the storage owner.
We are excited to announce that we have officially teamed up with Idun Real Estate in the ProptechOS partner program. Idun is a software company dedicated to making the world’s buildings ready for the smart cities of the future. Their set of integrated applications, based on the open source semantic language RealEstateCore, enable property owners to transform their real estate portfolio into a platform for innovation, analysis, and optimization.
We are pleased to announce that we have hired two new employees, Pål-Christian Olsen as Product Owner and Carsten Cleve-Hansen as Commercial Coordinator. Pål will be responsible for product development and customer deliveries. He has international experience from IT operations in business critical environments, software development, product- and project management in different sectors, including some
Vi er på jakt etter et nytt medlem til Enfo-teamet som vil være ansvarlig for kommersiell koordinering. Du vil bistå i salgsprosesser og markedsføring, samt sikre at Enfo leverer i henhold til tilbud og kontrakt. I tillegg vil du være ansvarlig for oppfølging og kommunikasjon med utvalgte nøkkelkunder. Er du en kreativ, nysgjerrig og løsningsorientert
Enfo gjennomførte denne uka de siste av totalt fem ende-til-ende tester i NorFlex-prosjektet. Vi er glade for at testene var vellykket, slik at vi kan ta steget videre inn i neste fase av prosjektet. Under testene ble både vår egenutviklede Enformer, samt sky-til-sky integrasjoner mot tredjepart benyttet til oppkobling mot de ulike lastene. Ende-til-ende testene

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Our flextools™

With the flextools platform you have complete toolbox for controlling and monitoring your flexible assets. Using flextools will get you on the fast track to capitalize on your energy resources.  The platform makes sure all assets are in operation and connects you to several flexibility markets. Leaving you to focus on your market operations. 

Business Cases

Over a three-year period, the energy industry players Agder Energi, Statnett, Glitre Energi, Mørenett and NODES will jointly test various technological solutions to promote more flexible electricity consumption

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Reference Projects

Enfo participates in a number of R&D projects and Proof of Concepts in both Norway and Sweden. In this way we can develop our tech stack and help companies and different stakeholders learn more about flexibility and its benefits.
Fast Frequency Reserves

During the spring of 2021 Enfo has established a service for delivery of Fast Frequency Reserves (FFR) the Norwegian TSO Statnett. The service from Enfo includes both software and hardware to participate in the FFR-market, also including necessary hardware to collect measurements at sub-second intervals.


In SthlmFlex (Stockholm, Sweden) we deliver our flexibility platform flextools™ to the aggregator Entelios AB. We aggregate assets and help Entelios offering these on a local flexibility market run by Nodes. We use our flexibus rest API towards several 3. party control systems, such as Idun Real Estate Systems, Ngenic and cacharge,

Smart Senja

Smart Senja is an Enova-supported project led by Troms Kraft Nett. Enfo is part of the consortium with Ishavskraft, Troms Kraft Nett, Powel, Eaton, Nodes Market, the University of Tromsø and others

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In NorFlex we deliver our flexibility platform flextools™ to five individual flexibility providers/aggregators. We are helping with aggregation, baseline calculation, flexibility predictions and demand response services. In Q1-Q2 2021 we have delivered more than 1000 accepted trades on NODESmarket.


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Victoria Fearnley Landmark

Victoria Fearnley Landmark

Chief Executive Officer

Pal Christian Olsen

Pål-Christian Olsen

Product Owner

Morten Tylden

Morten Tylden

System Architect and System Developer


Morten Hagen

Head of Sales and Commercialization