about Enfo

With Enfo technology, utilities and aggregators can offer their customer the smoothest way to capitalize on energy efficiency and demand side flexibility. Enfo technology uses smart solutions to identify, allocate, remotely control and aggregate energy demand in order to trade demand flexibility or reduce energy cost.  

Enfo have in place integrations with different markets to help our customers to maximize the value of their flexibility. Currently we have in place integrations towards Statnett (the Norwegian TSO) and NODES (local market place), initiated by NordPool and Agder Energi.  

In addtion to market plugins, Enfo deliver local optimization to reduce the overall energy cost at the demand side, such as demand charge/peak demand tarrifs.  

Enfo AS was established in 2004 by a group of passionate innovators who envisioned a future smart and clean energy system.

Enfo pioneered demand-side power system services in Norway. Today we are a team of dedicated specialists who work on an international basis to enable a more flexible and reliable power system operation and deliver value to our customers.