the flextools plattform

flextools ™ is a full-service flexibility platform for flexibility providers, traders, aggregators and power companies that aims to participate in the flexibility markets! We provide the technology you need to manage flexibility in your customer portfolio. We aim to connect and maximize the value of your customers’ flexible assets.

As a balance responsible flexibility provider, trader, aggregator and/or power company you, and your customers, can access our platform as a service (SaaS) and choose the services best suited for you. Sell and market the flexibility platform as your own to your customers, we will help with technical support and new services.

Flexibility from demand response plays a crucial role in the operation of the power system with large shares of renewable energy. Flexibility-based services is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of ensuring security of supply. Flexibility from demand can be used for transmission and distribution system optimization, as well as for trading portfolio management and imbalance management.

Enfo’s platform for demand response management is highly automated and flexible. Automation and advanced optimization algorithms imply maximum profitability with minimum customer involvement. flextools can be customized for various applications, related to grid reliability, trading or portfolio optimization.

Enfo’s flexibility platform provides:
• full customer access and availability
• user-friendly customer portal
• comprehensive reporting
• historical data analysis
• forecasting tools for available flexibility and price
• dispatch and bid scheduler

Read more about our services and how we deliver Flexibility as a Service with these fours steps here: