With Enfo technology, utilities and aggregators can offer their customers the smoothest way to capitalize on energy efficiency and demand side flexibility. Enfo’s technology uses smart solutions to integrate, aggregate and optimize flexible assets; ie consumption loads and batteries. Then we realize value from energy efficiency, in order to reduce energy cost and monetize on demand side flexibility.

Enfo’s flexibility platform, flextools™, is integrated with several flexibility markets to help our customers maximize the value of their customer portfolio. Currently, we are integrated with Statnett (the Norwegian TSO) and NODES Market (local marketplace). We can connect any third party control system to our cloud-based flexibility platform.



Enfo AS joins NORWEA

We are delighted to welcome Enfo welcome as a member of NORWEA. Enfo AS is a Nordic pioneer in the management of small-scale energy production and demand response. The company develops and operates advanced system solutions for enhanced consumer flexibility, optimized operation of the power system and efficient utilization of small-scale power generation. As the […]

Powel and Enfo signs agreement

Smart use of real-time information and control options will be crucial in realizing gains related to the smart grid. The cooperation agreement between Powel and Enfo facilitates that tomorrow’s DSO can optimize operations and planning processes with demand response management integrated into specialized systems, and then reduce investment and operating costs.

New CEO of Enfo AS

Harald von Heyden has been appointed new Managing Director of Enfo AS. Eilert Bjerkan, who has served as CEO of Enfo AS, will continue in his role as head of Enfo Consulting.