With Enfo technology, utilities and aggregators can offer their customers the smoothest way to capitalize on energy efficiency and demand side flexibility. Enfo’s technology uses smart solutions to integrate, aggregate and optimize flexible assets; ie consumption loads and batteries. Then we realize value from energy efficiency, in order to reduce energy cost and monetize on demand side flexibility.

Enfo’s flexibility platform, flextools™, is integrated with several flexibility markets to help our customers maximize the value of their customer portfolio. Currently, we are integrated with Statnett (the Norwegian TSO) and NODES Market (local marketplace). We can connect any third party control system to our cloud-based flexibility platform.



Vinterkonferansen 2018

Daglig leder Victoria Fearnley Landmark holdt foredrag om Enfo og fleksibilitet på Vinterkonferansen til Energi Norge. Se innlegget i sin helhet her.

Enfo ansetter Technology Manager

Vi søker Technology Manager som vil være ansvarlig for utvikling og kommersialisering av Enfo’s fleksibilitetsplattform. Som en del av Agder Energi sin satsning på handel med fleksible energiressurser skal Enfo utvikle og administrere en systemløsning med tilstrekkelige verktøy for å utnytte tilgjengelig fleksibilitet i distribusjonsnettet og tilgjengeliggjøre fleksibiliteten på kraftmarkedet. For mer info om stillingen […]

Enfo AS sells the Energy Management business area to JEFF Electronics AB

Enfo AS has successfully sold its business area within Energy Management to the Swedish company JEFF Electronics AB. The Energy Management business area enables efficient energy use through control and optimization of energy consumption and indoor climate. The patented technology is innovative and customized to enable and assist our customers to remotely manage their electricity […]