With Enfo technology, utilities and aggregators can offer their customers the smoothest way to capitalize on energy efficiency and demand side flexibility. Enfo’s technology uses smart solutions to integrate, aggregate and optimize flexible assets; ie consumption loads and batteries. Then we realize value from energy efficiency, in order to reduce energy cost and monetize on demand side flexibility.

Enfo’s flexibility platform, flextools™, is integrated with several flexibility markets to help our customers maximize the value of their customer portfolio. Currently, we are integrated with Statnett (the Norwegian TSO) and NODES Market (local marketplace). We can connect any third party control system to our cloud-based flexibility platform.



Agder Energi Venture acquires leading demand response company Entelios AG

Agder Energi Venture have bought 100% of the shares of Entelios AG from EnerNOC, Inc. (ENOC) in a move to position itself further in Continental Europe. Entelios AG is a leading provider of demand response in Germany. Entelios’ main business is aggregating and managing customers’ commercial and industrial loads, storage, and decentralized generation to participate […]

Agder Energi Venture acquires 61.4 % of Nordgröön Energie

Enfo’s owners, Agder Energi Venture, have now bought 61,4% of the shares in Nordgröön Energie GmbH & Co. KG in a move to position itself in Continental Europe.“The investment in Nordgröön Energie is an exciting investment in the German distributed renewables market that will prepare Agder Energi for the ongoing changes in the European power markets” […]

Enfo Analytics AS sold to SYSCO

Enfo AS har gjennomført et vellykket salg av forretningsområdet som har jobbet med feilanalyse og business intelligence (AutoDIG) hos Statnett. Forretningsområdet ble i høst skilt ut i et eget selskap, som fikk navnet Enfo Analytics.Enfo Analytics er et selskap bestående av høyt utdannede teknologer, fysikere og matematikere. De ansatte har i en rekke år jobbet […]