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The power system is under pressure. We see more renewable production that is less controllable. We see more decentralized production that causes new congestion points. We see more fluctuations giving more volatile energy prices. We see increase in electric power consumption due to decarbonization strategies and decarbonization initiatives. We see an old infrastructure, pushed to its limits. We embrace these changes as we need to move towards a more sustainable future. But, we cannot solely relay on reinforcing the grid. Building a grid that can handle the “rush hour” is both time consuming and expensive.

We need to utilize flexibility within the power system and start using the grid in a smarter way.

With Enfo’s flextools™ you have a full tool set for demand side flexibility. We deliver solutions for the complete value chain; from flexible asset control to market interactions. With our solution you are on a fast track to capitalize on your distributed energy resources. We use the latest in technology development to ensure efficient operations and efficient integration of new energy resources. With flextools you bring relief to the system operators and at the same time you help the society moving in a more sustainable direction.

flextools – the flexibility platform

flextools™ is a full-service flexibility platform for flexibility providers, traders, aggregators and power companies that aims to participate in the flexibility markets! We provide the technology you need to manage flexibility in your customer portfolio. We aim to connect and maximize the value of your customers’ flexible assets.

As a balance responsible flexibility provider, trader, aggregator and/or power company you, and your customers, can access our platform as a service (SaaS) and choose the services best suited for you.

Enfo’s platform for demand response management is highly automated and flexible. Automation and advanced optimization algorithms imply maximum profitability with minimum customer involvement. flextools can be customized
for various applications, related to grid reliability, trading or portfolio optimization.

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Enfo’s flexibility platform provides:
• full customer access and availability
• user-friendly customer portal
• comprehensive reporting
• historical data analysis
• forecasting tools for available
   flexibility and price
• dispatch and bid scheduler

Flexibility as a service

To provide these offerings to our customers we offer «Flexibility as a Service» with four steps on the way to be a full flexibility provider. A customer can choose from these services, and it’s a flexible service as to whether you want to go all in, or you want to only do local optimization, dispatching or market integration.





We help you analyze your assets to identify available flexibility. Integration and connection of flexible assets require a thorough analysis and identification of available flexibility. A technical inspection of the site, the flexible asset and its properties is a prerequisite.

We aggregate and build portfolios so you can access different market places and reach the minimum required bid size.

Once you have all your assets connected to flextools, and we have some historic values we predict the expected flexibility for an asset or a portfolio of assets. We use Microsoft Azure Auto ML framework, and combine historical values with weather forecast to best estimate the flexibility. This forecast is used to create orders and bids to the markets, and to create a baseline of what the consumption would be if we were not to dispatch an asset. This baseline is a requirement from several markets to verify that we have delivered the flexibility after an activation.

At last you realize the value of flexibility in the market. We provide market access from flextools. We have automatic interfaces in place for the Norwegian TSO market and NODES. We are hardware-neutral and willing to connect any kind of control system thorough our API.

In flextools we visualize the energy or grid tariff savings and the market profit.