«One stop shop» for demand response technology

Enfo is a «One stop shop» for demand response technology. Enfo develops innovative and customizable Smart Grid solutions for power system operation optimization, system analytics, efficient aggregation of distributed resources and data management. Our Smart Grid solutions contribute to increased security of supply and optimized use of resources, as well as increased flexibility and improved system balance. Our demand response offerings are:

Local power and energy optimization

We offer two types of local optimization; MaxGuard and PriceGuard. MaxGuard sets a threshold for the maximum power outtake that is acceptable for the site. Enfo will set priority and rotate up to 8 assets that will be dispatched in order to stay below the threshold, to reduce grid cost.  PriceGuard reduce and move consumption throughout the day as a reaction to the energy price (spot price). Assets are dispatched in the hours with the highest prices.

Market access for flexible assets

Enfo provides market access for flexible assets to both the TSO markets and the DSO markets, for explicit demand response services. Today, Enfos flexibility platform, flextools, is connected with automatic integrations to both Statnetts reserve market (eBestill) and NODES market place for bidding and activation.

We are working with our partners to connect to more markets as we speak!