How we deliver Flexibility as a Service

To provide these offerings to our customers we offer «Flexibility as a Service» with four steps on the way to be a full flexibility provider. A customer can choose from these services, and its a flexible service as to whether you want to go all in, or you want to only do local optimization, dispatching or market integration.

We help you analyse your assets to identify available flexibility. Integration and connection of flexible assets require a thorough analysis and identification of available flexibility. A technical inspection of the site, the flexible asset and its properties is a prerequisite.

If possible we strive for cloud to cloud integration with existing automation systems, but if needed we install our own remote terminal unit, Enformer, to ensure simple and quick installation. The Enformer is integrated with our cloud through IoT Edge and has computing power for local optimization. We read meter data from the HAN-port on AMS and can integrate flexible assets though relays or Modbus.

We capture, control and connect your flexible assets to the cloud. We monitor and maintain the system so you do not need to worry about the technical aspects.

When you have your flexible assets connected to flextools you get access to the user interface where you set parameters for your assets, group your assets after price areas, TSO areas or grid locations and dispatch the assets remotely from flextools.

We aggregate and build portfolios so you can access different market places and reach the minimum required bid size.

Once you have all your assets connected to flextools, and we have some historic values we predict the expected flexibility for an asset or a portfolio of assets. We use Microsoft Azure Auto ML framework, and combine historical values with weather forecast to best estimate the flexibility. We use this forecast to create orders and bids to the markets and to create a baseline of what the consumption would be if we were not to dispatch an asset. This baseline is a requirement from several markets to verify that we have delivered the flexibility after an activation.

At last you realize the value of flexibility in the market. We provide market access from flextools. We have automatic interfaces in place for the Norwegian TSO market and NODES. We are hardware-neutral and willing to connect any kind of control system thorough our API.

In flextools we visualize the energy or grid tariff savings and the market profit.