Powel and Enfo signs agreement

Smart use of real-time information and control options will be crucial in realizing gains related to the smart grid. The cooperation agreement between Powel and Enfo facilitates that tomorrow’s DSO can optimize operations and planning processes with demand response management integrated into specialized systems, and then reduce investment and operating costs.

Utility companies are experiencing extensive and major challenges associated with an aging and weak power grid, increased demands for efficiency, climate change and integration of renewable energy production. To maintain supply and manage increasingly high powered appliances are utility companies facing, according to NVE and Statnett, a need for investment in the order of 140 billion spread at transmission, regional and local distribution grid in the years 2014-2023.

The traditional Nordic electric power system has been developed over a period of 100 years. The power system is undergoing a historic transformation when facing smart meters, instrumentation with sensors and controllable devices that enable the realization of a Smart Grid.

Enfo has helped to highlight the Nordic model in the regulatory efforts with flexibility markets in the EU and employ this knowledge both in counseling towards Nordic players and to the development of tomorrow’s systems for utilization of flexibility in view of what the power system needs. The link between Enfo and Powel will enable the realization of the utility company and market companies need to utilize the flexibility for the user in an optimal manner, while neutrality and transparency is maintained says Eilert Bjerkan, CEO of Enfo Consulting.

Powel see great opportunities for better utilization of flexibility in power systems by facilitating mechanisms to ensure close interaction between the various components that supplies or consuming power from the grid. In practice, it’s about exploiting opportunities in new technology, facilitating new local production, electrification of transport and more efficient operation and development of the power grid in a way that reduces the need for investment in the grid instead of increasing investment demand. The cooperation agreement with Enfo will give confidence that our customers can realize substantial value through the creation of new market mechanisms and a smarter grid. “Standardized interfaces and standard components from our technology partners Microsoft Azure and Esri is the foundation of Powel’s Mobile first, Cloud First strategy and realization of new cloud services for smart grids,” says Kjetil Storset, Director Smart Infrastructure, Powel.

For more information please contact:

Harald von Heyden, Enfo, +47 92288103

Kjetil Storset, Powel, +47 48164555


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