Who are we?

Enfo has a long history and experience with demand response. Enfo was established in 2004 and became the first load aggregator in the Nordics in 2008.

Since 2017 Enfo AS is a subsidiary of Agder Energi which is Norway’s leading developer of renewable energy solutions. We have our offices at Lysaker in Norway.

Our team has extensive experience within demand response and flexibility services. We have a highly creative and forward leaning development team, working together with operations and product development. We aim to deliver tomorrows energy solutions to our customers and our objective is to maximize the value of flexible assets and be a key enabler for the energy transition.

This is our team in Norway! In addition, we work with a professional development team from Asteroid Mining Company in Lithuania.

Victoria Fearnley Landmark is our Chief Executive Officer. Victoria is responsible for our day-to-day operations and deliveries. She is also involved in product development and all commercial activity. Victoria has a Master of Science within Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU and has worked within the energy industry for several years.

Kenneth Juul is our Chief Commercial Officer. Kenneth is responsible for sales, marketing, and commercial strategy in Enfo. Kenneth is also responsible for customer success and partner relationships. Kenneth has a Master of Science within Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU and has worked with technology in the energy domain for several years.

Morten Falch Rustestuen is our Onboarding and Operations Manager. Morten is responsible for onboarding of new customers, installations, and coordination with all involved parties. He is also responsible for implementation and operation of our SaaS platform flextools™. Morten is educated as engineer at Kongsberg Tekniske Fagskole.

Georg Krog Olavsen is our Development Team Leader and System Developer. Georg has worked in Enfo since the start and knows the technology and domain very good. Georg has IT education from NITH.

Morten Tylden is our System Architect and System Developer. Morten has worked in Enfo since 2011 and knows the technology and domain in depth. Morten has a Master of Science within Computer Science from NTNU.

Veronika Matus is one of our System Developers in Enfo and she is highly competent within MS Azure, IoT, Machine Learning and all latest technology. Veronika has a Master’s degree within Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services from the Technical National University in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Bjørn Sloth is our product owner and project manager in Enfo. Bjørn is responsible for product development and deliveries in our projects. Bjørn is employed by Systek and works full time for us.

Hans Børge is one of our System Developers in Enfo. Hans Børge is employed by Systek and works full time for us at Lysaker.